Working class heroes

Supported by the Vojvodina Regional Ministry of Culture

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The Professor and a group of illegal construction workers, left without money and basic rights, try to fight their bosses by all means they have left. Their bosses are building a huge “Potemkin's village” intending to steal money from a development fund.  
As they are approaching the deadline the stakes increase, tension rises, and their work in harsh conditions becomes even more dangerous. What was once a simple construction job becomes a fight for life and death. This is a drama comedy that turns into a thriller about the life of a working class hero.
Screenplay developed with Berlinale talents Script Station development programme.

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Director`s note

Injustice and responsibility were two main topics in my mind when we started writing this script.

It is a story about people at the margin of existence, without any rights, without fate, and above all without a possibility to be human. They are almost invisible, easy to manipulate and cheap to buy because they have no choices left. Everything is about the money, nothing about the man.

An isolated construction site is a microcosm where we can easily see the today's values a la carte. How we can destroy by building. How we can sacrifice our humanity for a false sense of security.

I plan to shoot it in without any cosmetics, excessive planning and training, to efficiently portray a worker's life, joyless and harsh. The camera should be their co-worker and should move freely among them. Their life is devoid of colors, so the set decoration and costume will be almost achromatic, dirty and rough, contrasted with the false shine and cleanliness of the contractor’s world. The sounds should be as dry, monotone and repetitive as they are on a building site, often loud and uncomfortable, drowning out the voices.

Working class heroes should segue from a documentary drama to a suspense thriller and back. Usually the secrets stay buried, and the show goes on but not this time, not in this movie. I hope that it will be the statement of all these neglected people against injustice.


Working class heroes_screenshot 300dpi.jpg